As 2020 gets well and truly underway, it can sometimes be tricky for small businesses to keep up the holiday sales momentum. After all, January is a super long month and customers are not in the market for spending much money.

But instead of letting that momentum fade, there are a few ways that you can navigate your small business through these slow times without feeling the impact of them too much.

Work out the peaks

Spend some time figuring out the key points in the year when your business generates lots of sales. For some, it is during commercialised holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas, for others it’s more of a seasonal swing. When you know the times that people are likely to spend, you can better prepare for them by offering discounts or new products or by updating the keywords on your site to reflect the time of year.

Build relations

Work on your business to business strategy by investing time in engaging with other businesses. Promote them on your channels, the chances are that they will also promote you on theirs. You will be surprised by how effective this can be at boosting your sales!

Run a promotion

Sure, people might not want to spend too much in January. But that doesn’t mean you can’t draw attention to your brand by running a promotion. Work on boosting your social media following by offering a giveaway or save a new product for launch in the middle of the month to get people talking about your business.

Write a newsletter

Fill the time in January by sending out some newsletters to let your customers know what to expect from the coming year. You could release details about a new product, offer a promotional discount or simply just let them know that you’re still there.

Reward loyalty

Customers love to know that they are appreciated, so reward your loyal customers by showing your gratitude for them. Run a giveaway, offer sneak previews of new products or offer behind the scenes access with videos of your day.

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