Networking used to consist of meeting new people at a function or event. Trying hard to remember names, thinking of new and interesting subjects to discuss with peers and leaving laden with a thousand business cards. While face to face networking can still be very effective, networking online also has huge benefits.

But how do you go about networking in cyberspace?

A great way to access people who will be interested in your products and services is by joining some online communities. There are a huge range of communities out there, so try to find one that your business has the most in common with.

Once you’ve found a community, engage with it. Take the time to read other people’s posts, articles and blogs and leave feedback for them. Check out someone’s YouTube channel and send them a message telling them what you liked about their production techniques. Follow people on different platforms so that you get a better idea of how they use each platform to the advantage of their business.

Remember that people like to laugh and be entertained, so even though you are networking in a business situation, try to inject some light-heartedness and humour in your communications. And always, always, always be authentic. People can easily see through someone who is talking the talk but not walking the walk, even online.

One thing that will really get you noticed in your community is by recommending the products and services of other businesses. By referring your audience to other companies, you will attract the attention of other businesses who are likely to refer their audience to

you in turn. This can lead to great relationships between businesses which can then develop into opportunities you weren’t expecting.

It’s one thing chatting to people online but it’s quite another when it comes to face to face contact. Try to meet some of your new connections for a coffee so that you can strengthen the relationship and get to know each other better.

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