With today’s instant connectivity and international reach, it is possible for businesses all over the world to compete with each other. Customers are easily overwhelmed with so many options and so quickly seek out the one they identify with the most. This is why having a strong USP is one of the most fundamental factors in any solid marketing campaign.

Put simply, a unique selling point, commonly known as a USP, is the thing that makes your business different from the rest. It’s the benefit that your business provides that others simply can’t.

Creating a strong USP not only focuses your marketing campaign but it also influences branding and tone of voice for your business. A great USP can be summed up in one sentence and is often used as a slogan.

It is absolutely essential for your business’s success.

So, how do you find it?

Well, your USP needs to appeal to your target audience. So, your first step is understanding who that target audience is and what they are looking for.

Once you have identified the problems that your target audience are facing, explain how your business can solve them.

Then, list the benefits that your audience will receive if they choose you over the competition and how you intend to deliver them.

Take all of the information you have collated so far and try to condense it down in to one paragraph, cutting out the jargon and getting straight to the point.

Rework this paragraph several times, each time reducing it further and further until you have one sentence. This sentence should sum up the unique selling point of your business succinctly. You can then use this as a foundation for creating a slogan or simply use the sentence as a way of selling your business.

It’s important to remember that your USP is not just a header on your webpage. It’s a standpoint from which your business operates and conveys your brand, user experience and your products in a short, sweet way.

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