Small business owners around the world know that there is never enough time to spend on running a business. From networking and promoting to marketing and general admin, staying on top of the day to day running of a business can often feel like spinning a thousand plates. So, when it comes to doing something like blogging, it can be very easy to wonder if it is worth the time and effort.

The short answer is 100% YES.

The statistics speak for themselves.

· B2B companies with blogs get 67% more leads than those without.

· Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than those without.

· Businesses who blog experience 97% more inbound links than those who do not.

Blogging is a proven way to drive traffic to your site, boost your search result ratings and attract more customers.


Search Engine Optimization is absolutely essential for small business success. Search engines respond much better to websites with regular, fresh content, so having a blog is a vital step in pushing your business up through the results pages. Blogs also allow you the opportunity to create plenty of keywords on your site, which further enhances your site’s visibility.

Build relationships

By delivering content that helps your customers to solve a problem, you are actively connecting them to your business. Providing blogs with tips and advice is a great way to build trust with your customer base and encourage them to engage with you and share your content. Their activity will give you precious insight into what it is that your customers are looking for, so that you can improve with each and every blog.

Establish your business as a leader

By regularly blogging about topics within your industry, you position your business as one that has knowledge, experience and value. This will help you to become a credible resource of helpful and informative content which can then lead to higher conversion rates.

Sharing is caring

People love to share content that they feel is helpful or informative, so each time you post a blog you create a new opportunity for your customers to do that. The more times your blog post is shared, the more free marketing you get. What’s not to love about that?

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